DIY Aquaponics: How to root cuttings & make new perennial plants for FREE

Free and easy way to make new perennial shrubs and fruit trees by rooting cuttings and germinating large seeds directly in my DIY aquaponic rain gutter garden. No hormones, synthetic chemicals, or overwatered or dried out clones or seedlings in this recirculating fish farm. Foolproof way to root cuttings and germinate tree seeds! HAPPY FARMING

How to make the ultimate fertilizer using bunny AND worm poop

Our dwarf bunny rabbits are composting workhorses – quickly transforming grass, leaves, vegetables, fruit, and garden scraps into the best organic fertilizer you can find. While you can apply their smell-free poop pellets directly to your garden soil — the BEST way to reap all the awesome benefits of their dung is to compost it, using the rich …