5 Surprising Ways to Save the World

how to unfuck the worldConsidering everything terrible going on in the world right now — the relentless use of toxic chemicals in our environment, food and water — it might feel as if there is nothing us everyday people can do to fight back and protect the planet, ourselves, and those near to us.

The good news is, there are great ways to SAVE THE WORLD that you and I can do TODAY. Read on about the top 5 best ways we can work to save our Mother Earth. They are surprisingly easy for many of us humans to implement now.

Five Amazing Ways to Save the World

Surprising best ways to save the world

1) Plant organic gardens

Herbs, veggies, fruit and need trees, sunflowers, strawberries – you name it! Or even better – start organic farms that will provide healthy food for your community (maybe at a profit!)

This will not only give you and other humans healthy food, gardens and farms support and house beneficial microbial life — the building blocks of healthy soil. Planting plants in the ground and using compost as fertilizer (see #2) has the power to regenerate and detoxify degraded soils, water, and air. This is crucial for repairing our planet from the destructive forces of “modern” agriculture.

2) Compost your waste

Collecting your kitchen scraps and manure from organically fed livestock, composting it, then applying said compost on Mother Earth increases the ability of our soils to store water, carbon, nutrients, and homes for microbial life. This is very important with regard to reversing global warming and desertification and preventing erosion and polluted runoff.

3) Collect rainwater and use renewable energy

Collecting rainwater and using renewables helps us all be a bit more independent and less reliant on the grid, the system. It makes us each more responsible for our own livelihood rather than relying on the government for our everyday needs. Saving your rainwater for use around the house also saves it from running off and polluting local waterways.

4) Eat less or no animals

Especially large mammals like cows which use lots of resources and create tons of waste when farmed commercially. To produce one pound of animal flesh for consumption, it takes several times more grain, water, energy, and other resources as compared to eating a pound of plant based foods. I AM a proponent of family farms raising dairy cows since they are such cute creatures, very sweet, calming, AND produce great dairy products (prefect food with protein and good fats) AND amazing manure for compost (back to #2).

5) Share the above super-powerful ways to save the world with others [REPEAT]

That’s it! After just a few of us courageous souls put the above 5 ways to save the world into practice, our Mother Nature will soon be on it’s way to healing and thriving once again.

As this amazing regenerative farmer below explains. “All of this can be done by you and I. We do not have to have government. We can’t expect government to do it all anyway.”

Through regenerative, biodynamic lifestyles and planting grasses, shrubs, and trees — we each have the power in our hands (literally!) to save the world and all of Earth’s amazing creatures — especially our own selves!

Want more inspiration? Whatch this slow yet beautiful movie in the background. It tells the story of how this biodynamic gardener from New Zealand is working to save the world by spreading natural human (and cow) agriculture in India:

Happy Farming

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