DIY Aquaponics: Tilapia Fish Choice

Meet Oscar, our new aquaponic farmer in the picture below.

Oscar, the grumpy organic farmer
Oscar, one grumpy ass organic farmer

…why a tilapia? He came with the tank for free, but only on the condition (by his 3-year old prior owner) that we would not eat him. Plus, we heard that tilapia are great for growing organic produce. In fact, we learned that tilapia make for the most sustainable, organic farmers in the World.

After a solid period of research regarding sustainable farming methods, I have conclusively decided that reviving the ancient art of aquaponics” is going to revolutionize the way the people in our lives — in our neighborhoods, in our cities, in states, in our countries, in the World — produce and consume their food.

Our bodies and our planet (and future generations) desperately need every single one of us to start growing at least some of our own food NOW. Our current food system is broken, dirty, unhealthy, and it is killing the people and the planet. But we know how frustrating it is to buy locally, organically, and sustainably-produced food, especially in the city  — simply because such “healthy” food is either difficult to find, too expensive, or not as convenient to obtain as “fast-food” or the produce sold at big retail stores like Cost-Co or Walmart.

Aquaponics, something I just learned about, is pretty much the most sustainable system for growing food for your own consumption, no matter where in the world you happen to live. Freshly grown organic vegetables (fertilized by living fish) could and SHOULD be convenient as your kitchen, backyard or balcony.

Our patio garden before we started the aquaponic conversion process ^^
Before Picture of the Soil Container Garden on our Balcony!

We are making it our mission to make sure every house, restaurant, and office FIRST understands what aquaponics is and why it is so amazing (hey, we had no clue what it was when we first made it our mission to promote sustainable farming technologies just a month ago!). SECOND, we want to make sure everyone who wants an aquaponic system has access to the tools needed to build a system on their own. To do this, we have taken it upon ourselves to build a system from scratch on a budget, and we plan to tell you humans how we did it via our blog

~~~Happy, Healthy, Safe Farming, Eating, Living~~~


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