How to make the ultimate fertilizer using bunny AND worm poop

Our dwarf bunny rabbits are composting workhorses – quickly transforming grass, leaves, vegetables, fruit, and garden scraps into the best organic fertilizer you can find.

rabbit poop composting

While you can apply their smell-free poop pellets directly to your garden soil — the BEST way to reap all the awesome benefits of their dung is to compost it, using the rich manure leachate to water plants while you patiently wait for the composted product. The FASTEST way to do this is with the help of composting worms!

Composting shit breaks down and releases all the nutrients in a form plants can readily absorb. The end product of this bunny warm farm is triple-composted and ready to activate and regenerate the soil in any garden.

Our lil bunny worm farm churns out the ultimate black gold from these simple ingredients:

  • Rabbit litter — poop, wood shavings, shredded grass, hay, leaves, shredded cardboard
  • Kitchen scraps — coffee grounds, eggshells, fruit & veggie scraps

This post explains how to make a simple, scalable worm farm using heavy duty plastic bins from the hardware store.

FYI Here’s the fancy chicken coop we got earlier this year thinking we we’re getting a small flock. It’s working great for bunnies! Only thing — the bunnies will gnaw at the beautiful wood IF you do not provide tastier alternatives. Ours LOVE orange and lemon tree branches!

How to Make a DIY Vermicompost Bin

Line bottom with burlap sack to prevent worms from falling through into leachate catchment
Add a layer of leaf litter or other dry bedding material
Add fresh (or partially composted like I did here) bunny manure
Gather supplies: hand saw, drill, ‘7/8 forstner drill bit, plumber’s tape, 1/2 PVC and pictured fittings
Drill hole in bottom corner of one bin
Place bricks or other separators to create a small gap for liquid gold to accumulate


All ready for our new wiggly composters
Added a layer of fresh litter to welcome new wiggly composters

$40 worth of compost worms

bunny poop worm composters

Quickly learned that worms need shade, so our lil worm farm is now located under our orange tree!  ~~~Happy farming~~~

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