Backyard farming: How to make and install a cheap & easy DIY raised bed without a kit

If you are interested in buying a raised bed kit at your local hardware store or online, then you probably really value convenience and/or like spending money. Regardless, I applaud you on your efforts to grow your own! Here’s an attractive double bed sold via Amazon that is more affordable than any I’ve seen at big box stores, plus it’s made out of recycled materials:

best raised garden kit amazon
Greenland Gardener 8-Inch Double Raised Bed Garden Kit $50 on Amazon

But to me, even if I had the extra cash, I’d use my hard-earned money toward other things like top quality soil, plant nutrients, and heirloom seeds. Plus, making your own is simply better because you can custom design your beds for the space you have.

You can easily build your own DIY raised bed plus buy all the tools you will need ($20 Power Drill) for a fraction of a kit’s cost. Even a girly like me can do it with some scrap wood and screws…

How to Easily Assemble and Install a Raised Bed Garden without a Kit

Predrill some holes, screw the corners together, remove any grass or weeds where you want your bed (use this weeder tool to save time and pulling), then cover with a few inches of a really rich and well draining top soil mix. Tilling below is not required if grass was growing there before.

You don’t even need actual lumber to make raised beds… My friend Narayan uses old banana stalks on his permaculture farm on the Big Island with great success. Get creative with whatever is available and nontoxic.

How do YOU create raised beds? Feel free to share your garden innovations below!

Happy and safe farming always ~~~ maria

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