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Urban Farming

We believe the 3 best ways to heal ourselves, loved ones, and our planet are:
1) buy and eat organic food
2) know your farmer
3) grow some of your own food
We’re on a mission to grow our own food and medicine, and soon, start a farm business. Here’s some of our urban farming R&D and experiences along the way.


DIY Solar: Net-Zero Aquaponics

We’ve collected a list of instructional videos while research how to build & install solar energy systems to go “off the grid” …

Urban Farming: DIY Aeroponics

Here’s a collection of our preliminary research on integrating aeroponics into our balcony aquaponics recirculating system. If you are curious to try aeroponics …

Kijani Grows has implemented the first pilot project for the San Mateo EcoVillage in San Mateo, CA.   The farm includes three 3×8 grow beds and two fish tanks totaling 600 gallons and will provide food for EcoVillage residents.

Aquaponics 101 with Kijani Grows

In a shameless attempt to fuse my newfound passion for aquaponics with a writing assignment for law school at the University of …

plasticized metal chains

DIY Aquaponics: Avoid Metal Parts

Two weeks ago, we noticed that Oscar (tilapia/organic fertilizer producer) started breathing laboriously, almost like he was gasping for air. We learned this …


DIY Aquaponics: Water Temp

It hailed in San Diego last week; Oscar our tilapia was NOT a happy camper in his below 65 degrees (Fahrenheit) tank …

Roots and tilapia do not like  cold wind...

DIY Aquaponics: Windy Balcony

Our system is starting to take shape! We are now creating vertical planters to add to our aquaponic system using recycled glass …

oscar's urban farm in the making

DIY Aquaponics: to buy or DIE

We are currently three weeks into designing & building a system for our patio in downtown, San Diego.  Folks, this is no …