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Urban Farm Advocate

Open dialog about the rules, laws, regulations, and judicial decisions impacting small farmers and local food producers. Promoting sustainable agriculture.

no gmo our right to know

On Cultivating Democracy

The American People have spoken. Government, we HUMANS want agricultural producers and food companies to label food products grown from genetically modified …

Bart open source

Building Open Source Ecologies

Technology is a crazy thing. We are born into a world full of technologies. There’s no escaping it, technology is everywhere. The …

Gotham Greens NYC urban farm

World’s 8 Most Inspiring Urban Farms

With all the media surrounding industrial agriculture and its corresponding technologies — GMO crops, toxic pesticides, deadly fertilizers — it might be …

I will just grow my own food

Shaping Up the Food Industry

According to Oxfam International’s study — Behind the Brands — our global food supply is alarmingly untransparent. Oxfam said that while all 10 …


Small Farmer vs. Big Biotech

Listen to this NPR Morning Addition: (8:26 mins podcast) Farmer’s Fight With Monsanto Reaches The Supreme Court. The U.S. High Court is expected …

Who said GMO Salmon is OK to Consume?

US FDA Quietly Approves Frankenfish

Over the holidays, US FDA quietly approved “frankenfish” engineered by a biotech company called AquaBounty to contain genes from two species, causing …