DIY Aquaponics: Cheap & easy way to make a waterproof electrical box

Last year, everyone in Hawaii braced themselves as several major hurricanes headed straight toward our little island chain. In addition to stocking up on fresh water and non-perishable foods like most humans, I took the opportunity to create a small waterproof electrical box for our outdoor aquaponic garden.

Fortunately, Mother Nature spared our backyard farm as all the hurricanes largely missed us. And now, our aquaponics system is ready for the most torrential of downpours! Here’s an easy guide to build a simple waterproof box to protect all your power cords and electrical units (air pump, timer, surge protectors, etc) from rainwater and overflows.

How to Make an Easy DIY Waterproof Electrical Box

All you need for this quick DIY project is a medium-sized heavy duty plastic container with a removable lid (we used a 3 gallon Rubbermaid storage box) and a 1-1/2 inch hole saw.

With the lid off, drill a 1-2 inch hole downward through a side handle big enough to string all the electrical cords/plugs and airline through to the inside of the box. This placement prevents water from trickling into the box from the hole. But just in case some water somehow manages to get inside, drill a couple small overflow holes one inch from the bottom of the container and line the bottom 2-3 inches of the box with large rocks as shown below.

diy aquaponics electrical box

Then simply run your extension cords through the hole you just made and set your air pump and timer on top of the rocks, plug everything back up inside the box, then close the lid. Viola! Hurricane-ready aquaponics.

Happy Farming!

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