Highlights: Vandana Shiva Home Rule Tour Hawaii 2015

A movement is brewing here in Hawai’i called “Home Rule.” It’s connected to a deep, long-fought battle to give local people the power to rule themselves — a war that is now being fought against multinational chemical corporations.

Vandana Shiva Home Rule Tour — Honolulu, Hawai’i 2015

Highlights – Why the Concept of Homerule Matters in Hawaii

@15:00 Councilmember Gary Hooser from Kauai. In Hawai’i, pesticides and industrial farming is a serious issue. People are literally getting sick from the intensive pesticide spraying. So on Kauai, we started meeting in living rooms, then more and more people got involved. And we started working on this bill and put in before the council. The council voted, we passed it, the mayor vetoed, then we overrode the veto. It came from the heart of the community. So many worked so hard to get the bill passed — that’s HOME RULE. When communities take responsibility for the place they live! …we fought the four largest chemical companies and we won. Then they sued us… the largest chemical companies in the world sued our community of 68,000 for the right to spray pesticides near our schools. What’s up with that? There is no law that says were are not entitled to do that, in fact there’s laws that say we are obligated to do what we did.

@22:30 Uncle Walter Ritte from Molokai talks about the need for a local coalition “with people who love the land – whether Hawaiians or non-Hawaiians. We need all these people who Aloha Aina, to come together to form a coalition to make the changes we want to make. To protect ourselves from poisons on the land, to protect our children’s future… HOME RULE means all of us coming together and forming one voice that talks about the future.

@25:00 Senator Russell Ruderman from Kauai – Home rule: the best government is as local as possible because they are the most responsive to the issues on the ground … and because they are the LEAST controlled by corporate money. We need to protect local counties’ power to regulate agriculture issues.

@32:00 Representative Mark Kaniela Ing from Maui starts by retelling his grandma’s home rules — “don’t eat anything that you don’t know where it has been! … Home rule is unique in Hawaii. We have 1.4 million people living on these islands and we’re fully reliant on imported food. Compare this to Native Hawaiians back in the day — they had over a million people too. But for 100s of years they were able to sustain with what they had… this is more than a Hawaiian issue. This is a Native People’s issue.

@41:00 Makana live performance. Must watch! Killer activist lyrics …”we’ll occupy the fields, we’ll occupy the courts, we’ll nullify the patents on our food, we’ll intrude until we can sow seeds without being sued.”

@1:16:50 finally Dr. Vandana Shiva!! This is a movement for freedom across space and across time. What you are doing here in Hawaii connects to the apartheid struggle, connects to India’s struggle. The word “swaraj” — self governance or “self-rule” was coined by Mahatma Gandhi in relation to India’s homerule movement.

“Our first self-rule comes from us being part from the Earth. After all, our first home is the Earth. Then from being part of community, being part of counties, being part of countries, being part of the universe and humanity. All these levels are important. But the most important level is where we practice our deepest care, our deepest compassion, and our deepest responsibility. You can drop bombs from drones. You can’t save a seed through a drone. That only comes with a loving hand and intelligence, cultural history.”

Very inspiring people. Time to go plant more food in the yard, in the streets, everywhere!

Happy Farming.

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