The Nude 4 Food Challenge

Within the past few decades, Hawai’i has rapidly become the global center for the open-field testing of toxic agricultural chemicals and GMO crops. Conglomerate “seed” companies — Monsanto, Dow, Dupont/Pioneer, Syngenta, and BASF — own or lease an estimated 40,000 – 60,000 acres of our most valuable agricultural lands, where they are quietly spraying massive amounts of synthetic (i.e. man-made and thus patentable) pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, and other highly lethal substances on our precious ‘aina (land). These chemicals evaporate into the atmosphere, pollute the air, runoff into streams, our groundwater, the ocean, and ultimately get lodged into the bodies of animals and humans — causing epidemics of once rare or unknown health conditions and tragic genetic mutations in future generations.

Farm runoff is causing lethal tumors in endangered sea turtles in Hawai'i
Farm runoff is causing lethal tumors in endangered sea turtles off the coast of Hawai’i

Meanwhile, Hawai’i has less than 3,000 acres of certified organic farmland — a mere 0.27% of Hawaiian agricultural lands. Over 90% of our food is imported from over 2,500 miles away, making us particularly vulnerable to natural disasters and global events that might disrupt shipping and the food supply. According to a strategic plan for food self-sufficiency prepared by the State of Hawaii, replacing just 10% of the food Hawai’i currently imports would amount to approximately $313 million dollars and thousands of jobs that would remain in the State. The opportunity to bring about lasting, beneficial change is enormous!

Farming for Change

A new vision for Hawai’i and the World promotes the rapid growth of small farms that grow chemical-free food, nourish local communities, employ youth, and revive indigenous agricultural practices.

The Nude 4 Food campaign challenges all of us to strip off the veils of secrecy and take a deeper look at our food supply. It challenges us to incorporate more organic produce in our diets, to support local farmers, and to get involved by growing some food ourselves. By taking part in this challenge, you will raise awareness about the need to reverse industrial agriculture and jump start a return to the HEALTHY sustainable ways of our ancestors. This is not just a “Hawaii issue” — access to local REAL FOOD is a global challenge for all modern humans.

nude for food
Baring it all on the North Shore of O’ahu to raise awareness & grow the organic food movement

See more and submit your own nude4food pics on the campaign Tumblr page.

Happy Farming! 😉

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