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Food security and human rights are at the center of our mission. Access to sufficient, nutritious food, water, air, and medicine are basic human rights. But unfortunately, these are less and less of a reality for modern humans who have become disconnected from the land and tradition. The combination of industrial farming, big food corporations, and synthetic medicine producers — which have all been back and encouraged by “governments” — has transformed food markets and farms in the US and abroad into war zones. Capitalism creates thriving overpopulated food deserts filled with busy, fast-food eating, over-medicated humans (I used to be one!).

Sowing The Seeds of Revolution 

This blog began with the broad goal of re-engaging with our farms and our food, asking HOW food can be sustainably grown and distributed, and what role everyday people can do to change the food system for the better. Not far along the way, I realized the only way to immediately and finally disrupt the industrial food system is if the masses start EATING AND GROWING organic fresh foods from open pollinated seeds. Existing big producers and processors are simply not interested in human or environmental health. No law or army will ever change that fact. All that matters for most corporations — the biggest ones at least — is short-term profits at the expense of People and the Planet.

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Thus our goal is to grow and eat as much chemical-free food as possible and connect with others doing the same (currently from a suburban backyard in the middle of the Pacific). Our goal is to encourage others LIKE YOU to do the same. It’s relaxing, tasty and revolutionary.

SO are you growing your own? Or are you thinking about it? Let us know and subscribe!

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