DIY Aquaponics: 5 Best Self-Watering Organic Aquaponic Garden Kits

Raise fresh produce and fish in the comfort of your own home, patio, or backyard — without worrying about under or overwatering your plants. With aquaponics, you can easily nurture beans, veggies, leafy greens, herbs, flowers, roses, other delicious crops, even decorative plants. Through the recycling process, fish waste is converted into fertilizer for the plants and plant roots clean the water for your fish! Ain’t it beautiful? 

Here’s a free, easy guide to build a home-sized aquaponic system from scratch for under $170.

If you are just getting started out and prefer the “plug-and-go” to the DIY route, consider purchasing one these top rated aquaponics kits. The garden kits below make it easy for you to jump into aquaponics — a sustainable way to create a tiny food forest right at home!

#1 EcoLife Aquaponics Kit ($250)

ecolife aquafarm

Why we love this kit the most?

Simple and attractive, especially for those with an existing fish tank. Easy to convert any standard 20-gallon aquarium into a productive organic garden. Includes a grow tray with a pot-holder, filter cover, and door, a pre-filter sponge, a bio-filter brick, 13 net pots, expanded clay pellets, 1/2” fill fitting, 3/4” drain fitting, micro-jet water pump, 12” pump hose, built-in 7 watt bring LED tank light, LED on/off switch, double 24” high-output T5 fluorescent grow light fixture, and an adjustable grow light hanging assembly. Definitely the best deal out there for a small indoor aquaponics garden.

#2 Back to the Roots Aqua Farm ($59.99)

aquafarm kitchen herb garden
“Our mission is to make food personal again through the passionate development of tools that educate and inspire, one family at a time.” NIKHIL ARORA & ALEJANDRO VELEZ (Back to the Roots)

This tiny desktop kit, designed by two hot Berkeley grads, is the perfect way for anyone to jump right into aquaponics, even with little or no previous experience or knowledge about how the system even works. Just plug it in, add some fish and seeds, then sit back and watch as things grow. Fits nicely in your kitchen, office, classroom, and more. Self-cleaning 3 gallon fish tank. Fish waste from the tank feed the plants above. Includes everything you need to get started as well as organic seeds and a discount coupon for a Betta fish. Product Dimensions: 8 x 12.5 x 13.8 inches. Shipping Weight: 9.2 pounds.

#3 AquaBundance Kit System ($1295.95)

aquabundance aquafar

To be completely honest, you can build this type of DIY looking system with the same amount of grow space for 1/3 the price. Or better yet, build one of our unique DIY designs for even more grow space — using either recycled glass bottles or rain gutters.

But if you’d rather buy a nice-sized system out of the box, this kit will get you growing in no time. It’s structure fits nicely through all exterior doorways. Handles and castors on the table, fish tank, and grow bed for easy lifting and transporting.

Durable 1/4″ thick, UV-protected, food-safe PE plastic. 1 1/2″, 14-gauge, powder-coated square steel tubing. Black, furniture-grade PVC upholds outdoor heat. Made in the USA. The Grow Bed – 7.5 cubic feet of plant growing space. Extra thick 1/4″ food safe, UV protected PE plastic. 12″ deep, 44″ long by 28″ wide. The Self-Aerating Fish Tank Extra thick 1/4″ food safe, UV protected PE plastic, 43″ long by 22″ wide, supporting approximately 60 gallons of water. Includes a 400 gallon per hour, 45 watt pump. Includes black, furniture grade PVC plumbing and fittings, with aeration holes for extra oxygenation in the fish tank. Includes 3/4″ flexible vinyl black tubing to connect to the grow bed fittings with extra length so the tank can either be directly under the bed or not. Digital tank thermometer. 400 GPH Pump. Timer. API Master Test Kit. Small Fish-less Cycling Kit. “Aquaponics Explained” video.

#4 Clone King 25 Site Aeroponic Machine ($83.96)

Clone King 25 Site Aeroponic Cloning Machine

While not exactly an “aquaponics kit,” this kit is a must have for any aquaponic gardener and can be fully integrated with your aquaponics garden. It uses an aeroponic grow method to make the cloning process fail-proof so you can successfully create and transplant new clones into your system. Holds up to 25 plant clippings and contains a water reservoir, lid, spray manifold with misters, submersible pump (317GPH) and connectors. Comes w/ easy detailed instructions to make cloning a snap, 13 spray heads for comprehensive coverage. Expect consistent, 100% success rates.

Plant cuttings are suspended mid-air — where they are constantly sprayed by a highly oxegenated, nutrient-rich aquatic mist. Roots will start appear in 3-5 days for most varieities. At the 10-14 day mark your newly rooted plants are ready to transplant into whatever growing medium you prefer. Aeroponic cloning provides a cost-effective and easy way to to clone virtually ALL plant varieties. Even if you lack any prior cloning experience, you can have your Cloner set up, running, and fully automated within 30 minutes. Time-tested design that has had fantastic success with a multitude of plant species and varieties. Expect plants to root in half the time of a conventional system without the problem of wilting or the trouble of a humidity dome. The Clone creates explosive root development which will aid in all phases of your plants life producing greater vigor and yield.

#5 Mr. Stacky Stacking Pots Tower ($299.99)

mr stacky aquafarm
Buy Mr. Stacky Stacking Pots Tower on Amazon

This kit is cool because it is reasonably priced, attractively designed, and scalable — works great as a stand-alone balcony or indoor aqua planter, backyard aquaponics garden, even for a large-scale rooftop farm! Kit Includes: (9) Mr. Stacky Pots (4 planting locations per pot) (1) Decorative 22.5″ half whiskey barrel (17.5 gallon tank) (1) Submersible Pump (1) 4-Way Water Distributor with filter (2) Assembled Water Distribution Rings (every pot is reached) (2) Conecting Microtubes to Water Distribution Rings (1) 48″ Treaded Pipe (Screws directly into pump) (1) Timer.

We also love that you can also buy additional Mr. Stacky individual stacking vertical gardening pots to easily add to your existing loop or help you get started quick and easy!

Do you have a favorite AP kit? Let me know how it grows below and I’ll add it to the list.

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