Urban Farming: 5 Best Rabbit Hutches (to Buy or DIY?)

Raising bunny rabbits at home can be an entertaining and rewarding venture — in terms of benefitting your garden, your bottom line, and your emotional health!

I love raising these incredibly soft and cuddly fur-balls, mostly for the amazingly fertile bunny poop manure that gives our compost an extra kick. See my posts on how to make rabbit manure here and on making compost in general here. I suppose you can sell the manure or finished compost, but we always greedily use it all up on our garden!

As a vegetarian, I only ever made money off the occasional sale of baby bunny rabbits. I can tell you from experience this is an endeavor that can quickly get out of hand …they reproduce like errr… RABBITS! And depending on where you live, the market for baby bunny rabbits can be smaller than you think. So it’s important to have a good hutch (or 2) well equipped for breeding rabbits.

If you have the willpower and skills, you can build your own DIY rabbit hutch to save money. One day, I will build a sweet and simple DIY rabbit hutch system like this:

If you are more lazy and/or do not have the skills to complete this project like me, read on about the best rabbit hutches you can buy online IMHO. The most attractive and low cost.

Top 5 Bunny Rabbit Hutches on the Market

1) PETSFIT Two Story Wooden Rabbit Hutch

Top rabbit hutch urban farming
The #1 best rabbit hutch by Petsfit $199 with free shipping

I love this beautiful rabbit hutch. It’s the best bunny house you can buy for the price. It’s rather new to the market, or else I would have purchased it instead of #2 below!

Features: Has two separate compartments (to keep your male buck separate from your ladies when you do not want them to reproduce), and both bottom trays can be pulled out for easy cleaning. It’s weatherproof, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The red and white trim is painted with water-based paint, which is safer for your rabbits. Easy assembly with pre-drilled holes. Outer dimensions are 45.5″Lx24.5″Wx40.8″H – well sized for most breeds. 

2) TRIXIE 2-Story Rabbit Hutch With Run

Top rabbit hutch on the market
#2 best chicken coop made by Trixie $200 with free shipping on Amazon Prime

For the same price as the #1 best bunny coop, you can buy this natural wooden rabbit hutch. It has the additional feature of allowing you to connect the top and bottom compartments and allow your rabbits to run up and down.

I actually purchased this hutch and found that it has a good sturdy and weatherproof construction. And being off the ground, it protects your rabbits from pests and makes it easy to clean. However, be warned, some rabbits (especially males trying to get to females) may learn how to bust open the top-opening door that separates the two levels.

Features: Non-slip ramp and hatch door to restrict access between levels. It has a hinged roof with locking arm opens from above, 2 pull-out plastic trays for quick and easy cleaning, 4 doors and 2 metal slide latches. Dimensions: 46 x 26 x 44 inches.

3) MERAX 2 Story Wooden Rabbit Hutch With Run

#3 best rabbit hutch by Merax for $145 on Amazon
#3 best rabbit hutch by Merax for $145 on Amazon

I like this similar wooden hutch with 2 stories because it has the same design as above and is large enough for just about any breed of rabbit. It is $50 less than the two above, but I recon they saved money by using a thinner construction as some of the reviews complain. So if you are housing your rabbits indoors or outdoors protected from the elements, than this is a great coop for the price.

FeaturesDesigned with stripes to prevent wood from being bitten. Two separate rooms with two trays is designed for multiple use. Made of fir wood which is durable, waterproof roof for extra resistant and protection. The house includes raised legs to keep it off the ground and makes it much more difficult for any other pests to be able to enter. The house has removable floors, making it easy to clean. The roof is asphalt shingled that is much durable and add extra security. There are 2 doors of each cage , totally 4 doors. The doors all have lock to guarantee the security. Overall dimension: 48”L X 19.7”W X 41”H

4) MERAX Wooden Pet House for Rabbits (and Chickens)

best rabbit hutch for breeding rabbits
#4 Best Rabbit Hutch by Merax $169 +$20 shipping on Amazon

This is the first “rabbit coop” that I owned and still use. It was actually gifted to me by a friend. It has two egg laying compartments that make for nice built in nest boxes. It is wonderful if you do not mind having a new litter of babies every month or so, because there is no separate area to segregate male and female buns. But there is plenty of room for the whole family to live happily ever after! For my needs, I had to purchase a second coop to house my male buck rabbit. Let me tell you — the ladies LOVE this house. Plenty of room to run and play and make a nest for their babies. Very sturdy construction.

Read more about how I stumbled upon this rabbit / chicken house and how much I loved it back when I thought I was getting chickens here.

Features: a folding iron hook to control the opening and closing of the door. Nesting house has two divided room with green linoleum roof. Surface with waterproof paint, stable and withstands bad weather. Easy to assemble with included instructions and hardware. Overall dimensions with roof 69″L X 29.5″D X 41″H

5) ADVANTEK White Picket Fence Rabbit Hutch

best rabbit hutch buy online
#5 Best Rabbit Hutch by Advantek $120 + free shipping on Amazon prime.

This cutest little rabbit hutch ever suffers the same problem as #4 above — only has one compartment for your bunny rabbits. Again, if you plan on housing only females or do not mind a new litter every month or you have multiple hutches like me… then this little hutch might work for you. It’s also very low cost – less than the above hutches in fact. But again, be warned, that lower cost means flimsier construction. The manufacture is not kidding when they say made of “lightweight timber.” Great for indoor bunnies. Absolutely adorable rabbit hatch.

Features: Indoor space shaped like house with white picket fence and “front yard” space offers rabbits a safe and comfortable experience. Advantek constructs this hutch from durable Cypress Fir which is naturally decay and rot resistant, and grown in government controlled, sustainable forests. Beautiful auburn & white color looks good in any setting. Includes a hinged roof on house and courtyard for easy access. Courtyard measures 32H x 27W x 18D inches and House measures 22H x 27W x 18D inches.

Hope this post was helpful! Let us know how you choose to house your rabbits in a comment below. Farm love <3

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