Urban Farming: Choosing a Chicken Coop for a Small Backyard Flock

For a few months now, I’ve been researching different designs and have TWICE attempted to build a DIY chicken coop without much success. This process proved extremely time consuming, frustrating for an amateur builder like myself, and surprisingly expensive.

urban chicken coop
Santa Chance standing by our fancy new wooden chicken coop


If you like pretty things and need a chicken coop to raise a small flock of backyard chickens — you might opt to buy a pre-made kit rather than DIY…

Failed DIY Chicken Coop Attempts

Wooden handmade chicken coop

1) DIY Wooden Coop

Here’s the beginnings of a wooden coop that I started but soon after abandoned after the heavy door kept falling off the cheap hinges I bought (go for the heavy duty hinges if you are gonna DIY). So annoying! Spent $75 bucks for the lumber and wooden planks, $15 for the door hardware, and $20 for the chicken wire, and $40 for sheet metal roofing …which never made it on the awkward wobbly coop.

lightweight chicken coop

2) DIY Chicken Coop (PVC)

This is another design that we started making out of PVC pipe, which was more lightweight and functional than the 1st but just a tad bit …err…ugly. Spending about $100 for the pipe, fittings, and glue plus over $50 for the chicken wire and sheet metal roofing.

My Advice to Newbie Backyard Chickens Owners:

BUY a Pre-Made Coop Kit – It’s worth it!

best backyard chicken coop

At the end of the day, I would recommend buying one of these darling two story wooden chicken coops — which you can purchase on Amazon for $260 (including free shipping). All the parts swiftly arrived in a single package by mail and took two people a whopping hour to assemble. The instructions were clear and easy to follow, & everything fit together nicely.

Although there are plenty of nice designs to choose from on Amazon, this Trixie Pet Productions coop is incredible for the price. Very sturdy solid wood construction, beautiful, and super functional — including TWO perfectly hinging doors!! LOL

chicken coop hinged roof removable poop tray roostThere’s also three separate hinged roofs with locking arms, composite asphalt shingles, and a weatherproof finish that will make cleaning and accessing our chicks and their eggs easy breezy for years to come.

This darling lil chicken coop features an elevated nesting house with a removable divider and trays, a roosting pole, wood paneling to protect against wind and sun, a pull out poop tray for easy maintenance, and a sliding door to restrict access to the nesting house as needed.

urban farm girl new coop

Head downstairs and the close-mesh galvanized metal grid will protect the flock from predators, while the lower wood paneling will protect them from wind while they stretch, peck and flap in the covered chicken run.

And did I mention how pretty it all is?! There’s even a cute litte ladder for the chicks to run up and down. Can’t wait to see them in action. All we gotta do now is go down to our local hatchery and pickup the most fluffy, adorable silkie chicks to move into our new pimped out chicken crib so we can love them forever and ever. Hope my neighbors won’t mind their lil peepings!

Happy Farming! ~maria

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