Backyard Farming: DIY potting soil mix & organic fertilizers for tomato plants

In this video, I show you how to make a batch of simple DIY potting soil suitable for containers and raised-beds, which we use to grow a range of fruits, veggies, and herbs in our yard. I’ll also prepare a 7 gallon pot with organic nutrients and heirloom purple tomatillo seeds — not true tomatoes but grown similarly.

How to Grow Tomatillos in a Container Garden

DIY Potting Soil Mix Recipe for Fruits and Veggies

How to Prepare, Fertilize, and Plant Tomato-like Fruits

1) Place a thin layer of rocks on the bottom of a 7 gallon container (or similar pot).

2) Cover rocks with a thin layer of mulch.

3) Shovel in your potting soil mix.

4) Mix 60 cc’s Rock Phosphate, 60 cc’s of Ironite, and 60 cc’s of Volcanic Bat Guano into top 3-5 inches of your soil

4) Level and soak with water. Allow to drain.

4) Plant several heirloom seeds two inches apart, then cover with a thin layer of potting soil.

5) Gently water until your seeds and top layer of soil are thoroughly soaked.

And that’s it. Place your container in a sunny place, water regularly, add a bit of Epsom Salt after your seedlings pop, then start reaping what you sow in just weeks!

Happiest of farming! -maria

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