Organic Gardening: How to make an easy garden bed in your yard

Food security and sustainable farming practices are at the heart of farmXchange’s mission. And the best solution we see to today’s horrific problems — pesticides, GMOs, hunger — is the cultivation of the next generation of organic farmers. Chances are (…only 2% of us are currently farmers!), we mean YOU!!

urban farming in hawaii
The mini citrus orchard in our backyard farm in Makakilo, HI.

We recently dugout and planted a new soil garden to what was – just weeks ago – lush, useless grass in our backyard. Below is a quick and dirty guide on how to replace a patch of your own lawn with an edible garden oasis!

Join the Movement. Grow Food, Replace Lawns

  1. Use a garden pick to swiftly kill and remove lawn from its roots up (6 inches – 2 feet deep).
  2. Apply landscape edging to artfully shape garden bed.
  3. Fill in the hole with a even mixture of the existing dirt, good top soilcompost, and worm castings.
  4. Plant your organic, GMO-free SEEDS. Our favorite heirloom varieties are sold by Bakers Creek and Seed Savers Exchange
  5. Secure expanding bamboo trellis using metal stakes, especially if you’re planting climbing plants like cucumbers and beans
urban soil farming
Growing your own food doubles as a relaxing way to get some exercise & vitamin D.

…then just add water and some love!

water love plants
After a few weeks and everything has settled, you can remove and reuse the landscape edging for future garden projects.
grow food not lawns
After placing the two banana tree transplants in the desired area of the garden, we planted beans, peas, cucumbers, tomatoes, melons, followed by several types of salad greens and leafy veggies.

Happy Farming! ~maria

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