Puff Puff Plant: Super Fertile Soil Mix Recipe to Grow Organic Medicine

Happy 4/20 Easter everyone!

In this video — the very first of our new series — we’ll show you how to make our simplified super soil recipe and then transplant your medical marijuana plants into bigger pots. If you are familiar with Subcool’s Super Soil recipe, you will notice that we substituted oyster shells in place of the bone and blood meal and bat shit. We recommend also adding these natural fertilizer ingredients throughout vegetative and flowering stages of plant growth to increase nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus.

PUFF PUFF PLANT: Soil and Transplanting

Super Simple Super Soil Recipe:

  1. Good Soil (3 bags)
  2. Compost (1 bag)
  3. Earthworm Castings (1 bag)
  4. Organic Azomite (2 cups) – a natural product mined for an ancient mineral deposits. It contains a broad spectrum of over 70 minerals and trace elements, including many rare earth elements (lanthanides), many of which havbe been depleted from soils worldwide. Plants grown with Azomite produce more and larger fruits and vegetables per plant resulting in better tasting food products with improved resistance to disease. Azomite has shown positive results in many plant species including: wine grapes, table grapes, sugarcane, potatoes, rice, watermelon, tomatoes, melons, cantaloupes, onion, garlic, papaya, lemons, oranges, cocoa, coffee, mango, oaks, pines, peaches, chilies, berries, eggplant, tobacco, ornamentals, wheat, corn and many others.
  5. Epsom Salt (2 cups) – Espom salt helps the seeds to germinate better, and start with a strong and healthy growth. It is also very beneficial for more mature plants that you are going to add to your garden, since the transition can be difficult for their growth and health. Especially good for flowering and fruiting plants like tomatoes and peppers, which are prone to magnesium deficiency later in the growing season and display this through yellow leaves and less production.
  6. Crushed Oyster Shell  (2 cups) – Oyster shell is composed mostly of calcium carbonate (95%) and provides a long-lasting, steady release of nutrients to help regulate pH levels, improve fertilizer uptake, promote healthy cellular structure and enhance soil tilth. It can also loosen clays and improve drainage.
  7. Organic Rock Phosphate (1 cup) – Excellent source of phosphorous and calcium for all flowering plants. All natural and pelletized for easy application. Stimulates root growth. Also used as a soil conditioner.

mixing organic super soil



“Feed the soil, not the plants.”




*We’re licensed medical marijuana growers in the State of Hawaii. Try stay legal people. 

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