Urban Farm Internship Program


Create value immediately, while gaining first-hand experience learning the basic science & mechanics underlying aquaponics — soil-less vertical growing techniques — through a 2 – 6 week Internship with FarmXchange. Your will learn to build, install, stock, and maintain home and commercial-sized aquaponic systems (from start to finish), by building and caring for AP gardens with us! Take the skills and knowledge you learn to grow organic food using very little resources / effort — at home, friends’, schools, parks, even the office.

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If you are someone who enjoys tinkering, experimenting, and creating things from scratch — we encourage you to apply. Experience in sales or retail is also a plus — and could lead to commission based income virtually immediately. These temporary positions may very likely lead to lucrative management level positions within our growing nonprofit.

Apply immediately by briefly answering questions on the form below. We will contact you shortly to schedule a phone or in-person interview.

Mahalo for your interest!

~Maria Stallings (FarmXchange Co-Founder)

~~~Happy, Healthy, Safe Farming, Eating, Living~~~

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